From MacRumors, Adobe Bringing Flash to the iPhone

Whatever a lite version or full feature version, a flash player absolutely is a killer application. Manys said Apple was fighting on something with Adobe. But I wonder why Jobs is always like a crazy dog even he does not consider the benefit to user or Apple. A beauty world should be all companys work together to finish something wonderful to us. But as we know, there is no beauty world.

Today's Good News is FW 2.0 is jailbroken!

That means we do not have to apply f~ing Apple Programmer Certification with our $$!

iPhone SDK works well on my powerbook

According to the official document of SDK from Apple, the iPhone SDK does not support the MAC compower with a PPC cpu.

That means I can't develop iPhone application by my powerbook. Sign. It makes me to think whether I need purchase a new MBP even MBA. Surely another choice is to run a Hackint0sh on an X86 box.

The good news is coming today from iPhond unoffical SDK's mailing list. Someone found he can just move Aspen.platform to /Developer/Platforms to work around that. How excite to me, so I just do it tonight. Compile a sample project and run it on iPhone Simulator. It works well. Only exist issue I know is there is no "Cocoa Touch" in new project list.