download android source code under crossing GFW via ssh

  1. ssh -D port user@server
  2. export SOCKS_PROXY="server:port"
  3. apt-get install tsocks
  4. tsocks -on
  5. $ repo init -u
  6. repo sync

Bugzilla setup on Ubuntu step by step

  1. apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client apache2
  2. apt-get install sendmail
  3. download bugzilla-4.4.tar.gz
  4. tar xvzf bugzilla-4.4.tar.gz
  5. mv bugzilla-4.4 /usr/local
  6. ln -s /usr/local/bugzilla-4.4 /var/www
  7. ./ --check-modules
  8. perl --all
  9. ./
  10. vi localconfig to modify $webservergroup, $db_user, and $db_pass
  11. vi /etc/apache2/envvars to modify APACHE_RUN_USER and APACHE_RUN_GROUP if need
  12. vi /etc/mysql/my.cnf to add allowed attachment size
  13. vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf to add section [1]
  14. vi /var/www/bugzilla/data/params # modify urlbase
[1] :
<Directory /var/www/bugzilla>
AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
AddHandler cgi-script .pl
Options +ExecCGI
DirectoryIndex index.cgi index.html
AllowOverride Limit FileInfo Indexes Options

NOV 05, 2012

Still frustrated on Dropbox sync from Day One. Still frustrated on network speed. Still frustrated on computer response time, although I do open too many applications same time. 

smartphone OS share, regional, Q4 2009. What I can say?

New Generation of Smart Phones

just tried my first android program...

i don't like android. at least don't like it too much. unfortunately (or fortunately?) I got a G3 (HTC hero) this weekend. I try to use it and feel not good for its UX design. too much worksapces on screen and not fancy UI.

And, when I plugged it on my notebook I found I need to install an "ADB" driver for it. I don't know what ADB is and why I need it. Just google ADB and found seems like something related to debug purpose. I don't need debug it. But following ADB link I read part developer guide, SDK installation.

OK, it kills my a whole afternoon to download, install, run it.

At last, I got my first Hello World android program runs on my G3...

Many confusing error message in this procedure. I don't think it's comfortable for a fresh new Android developer like me.


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