shocking on OpenCV

For an internal project, I just study opencv library this night.

Tried to retrieve source code from cvs respository from but failed as it does not allow anonymous to access it anymore.

Once time I almost gave up it with my mac. i turned on my linux desktop and hope can do it with my ubuntu. But I remember

that my two cameras with OV chip do not work with my ubuntu and I have not tried to fix it.

Back to my mac, i downloaded prebuilt dmg file but have no idea about how to install it. It includes a sample code so call FaceTracking and a OpenCV.framework. After many tries to place framework folder to somewhere, I got it. Just copy

framework folder on a place which FaceTracking also be placed. I compiled it by XCode and run it.

It works excellent. I never expect it work so good like what I see. The main window shows my head which my camera always capturing. and once my face turn to a right angel then the facetracking will recognize my face correctly.

It's so wonderful. I have not been so excited long time.