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2009 Linux Kernel Summit

What I am surprise on? Look, a piece of perl script...


2009 Linux Kernel Summit

Hi folks,


       It's time to start kicking off the 2009 Kernel Summit planning


process.  This year, the Kernel Summit will be held in Tokyo, Japan,


on October 18-20, just before the 1st annual Japan Linux Sympsium.


       As in previous years, I've set up a e-mail discussion list for


people who are interested in making suggestions for this year's kernel


summit.  In the probably hopeless attempt to avoid the list address


getting instantly harvested by spammers from all of the LKML archives,


the list submission address and subscription URL can be found by


executing the following perl script:


print "ksummit-" . $AD . "-discuss" . $at . "\n";
print "" . $AD . "-discuss\n";

This year's program committee is:

       James Bottomley
       Jonathon Corbet
       Dirk Hohndel
       Dave Jones
       Greg Kroah-Hartman
       Chris Mason
       Andrew Morton
       Theodore Ts'o
       Arjan van de Ven

If you have any questions, please feel to contact me or the entire
kernel summit program committee.  Our contact e-mail address can be
found by taking the output from the above perl script and running it
through the command: "sed -e 's/discuss/pc/'".

We'll give people a few days to subscribe before we kick off discussion
on the the new kernel summit mailing list.


                                               - Ted

P.S.  Note that we are aware that given the economic conditions this
year, getting travel funding may be particularly difficult.  For that
reason, we have budgeted extra money for travel scholarships, and we
will be working with various Linux Foundation corporate members who have
historically sent many kernel developers to the Kernel Summit to try to
make sure that everyone who gets an invitation will be able to attend.