download android source code under crossing GFW via ssh

  1. ssh -D port user@server
  2. export SOCKS_PROXY="server:port"
  3. apt-get install tsocks
  4. tsocks -on
  5. $ repo init -u
  6. repo sync

just tried my first android program...

i don't like android. at least don't like it too much. unfortunately (or fortunately?) I got a G3 (HTC hero) this weekend. I try to use it and feel not good for its UX design. too much worksapces on screen and not fancy UI.

And, when I plugged it on my notebook I found I need to install an "ADB" driver for it. I don't know what ADB is and why I need it. Just google ADB and found seems like something related to debug purpose. I don't need debug it. But following ADB link I read part developer guide, SDK installation.

OK, it kills my a whole afternoon to download, install, run it.

At last, I got my first Hello World android program runs on my G3...

Many confusing error message in this procedure. I don't think it's comfortable for a fresh new Android developer like me.